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Hey guys, I've written a book...

Ready Set Thirty by Angelique Joan

Ready, Set, 30

A tale of figuring it all out...

whatever that means


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Angelique Joan press Le tregor France

Ah the twenties… what the hell was that about? The endless soul-searching questions about love, work, identity, family, body image, and anxiety playing on a loop in our brains. How do you make sense of it all?

How do you implement the lessons learned and life experience into the next few decades?
This is where Ready, Set, 30 comes in!

Witty, insightful, and full of hilarious, heartwarming stories, Angelique Joan recounts her twenties as an actress, as a single gal in a big daunting city, as a woman and as an inquisitive, constantly-questioning-the-meaning-of-everything, now 30-year-old.

Part memoir, part advice manual, part humorous experience (from going on a 1st date with a guy who turned out to be on probation, to crying in a casting room and being part of a toy pooping-flamingo event job...the book offers range), this conversational, easy-to-read book paints an eclectic picture of what she, and most of us, experience in our twenties and thirties. The sheer confusion of it all.

It's a refreshingly relatable and self-deprecating / self-help style book and a boost to the system for people looking for comfort, a good laugh, guidance, reassurance, and inspiration. It will encourage you to live your life as you want to, giving you the confidence to ask yourself the right questions, while also reassuring you that no one really has a clue what they are doing – all we can do is learn, grow, fall down, get back up again…and repeat!

Ready, Set, 30 covers a whole range of subjects:

- Being Kind to Your Body
- Who you are and who you are not
- Love
- Work-life balance
- Family & Friends
- Taming Anxiety
- Instincts: Using them

AND the trusted Aunty Ange tips to the rescue!

Ready set 30 by Angélique Joan

Book announcement:

Two years in the's finally out!


It was a monster of a project, a very personal and very ambitious one. Finishing it was step one. Getting it out there is the biggest step of all, the most terrifying one! But I am excited and very proud of it. I cannot wait for you all to read it! 

Thank you for the support and speak to you soon! 

Ange x 

So what is this book about?! 


The day I turned 30, I wrote a letter to myself, a letter about the lessons life had given me so far, from the very funny, embarrassing moments to the brutal and challenging ones. The people who read the letter told me to write a book and I listened! The book paints a hopefully relatable picture of what I, and most of us, experience in our twenties.


There are 7 chapters: body image, love, work, anxiety, instincts, family and identity. 


As an actor, as a single gal living in a big, daunting city and as an inquisitive, constantly-questioning-the-meaning-of-everything, 20 something year old, I have accumulated many eclectic stories in that decade.

I like to think I am passing on wisdom, sage advice and growth. Realistically, what you’re going to get are stories about trying to figure life out, being an actor, the awful in-between jobs, being single, being in a relationship, figuring out who you are, who you are not, dealing with body image issues and anxiety, trusting your instincts and choosing the right people in your life. 

Thank you again for all the support! 

Ange x

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